Neknasi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society

Founded in 2008, the Neknasi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society comprises approximately 492 coffee-producing members located in the Morobe Province, on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea. This fairtrade association is made up of eight villages, and about 43 tribes.

The Morobe province produces some of the best beans in the world. The beans are largely grown by farmers with small land holdings; some grow as little as 20 trees per plot. Bean production has greatly improved the livelihood of these small communities and despite its size, Morobe is now the second largest coffee producer in Papua New Guinea.

The high-altitude, mountainous region produces hardy coffee beans that are picked, selected, and pulped in the traditional way, by hand. After three days of fermentation in wooden boxes using the fruits’ own juices, the beans are washed with mountain water and dried on the drying beds. Once the coffee is dried, the parchment is ready to sell through Neknasi.

All the beans from this region are fair-trade.


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