Orb’s Challenge

In 2002, we set ourselves a challenge – to create the best damn cup of coffee in New Zealand, and then, the world.

We know it’s an audacious goal, but through hard work (and slightly obsessive behaviour), we’re determined to get there.

Orb’s Coffee Philosophy

ORB’s symbol is inspired by the globe. And we genuinely do take a global, holistic approach to coffee creation.

We respect and value each element of the process; from the sourcing of high quality grades of green beans, through to the final, divine extraction that produces an exceptional cup of coffee.



  • Sourced high quality grade green beans from some of the world’s most renowned coffee growing regions
  • Established sustainable relationships with our global bean-growing communities
  • Handpicked a team of artisan master roasters who are genuinely passionate about their craft
  • Employed a single origin sourcing philosophy for our plunger and filter ground coffee
  • Developed a rigorous quality assurance program to maintain consistency
  • Formulated a first-rate professional training and support system for our hospitality partners and baristas


ORB’s bean-growing partnerships are at the heart of our coffee journey.

In some regions we have formed relationships with a well-respected cooperative, such as the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative in Ethiopia; in others, we work with trusted partners, such as Trade Aid.

As with any agricultural product, the soil, the environment, and the grower’s skill work in harmony to impart diversity to our coffee beans. We strive, wherever possible, to work with fairtrade providers, as we find these meaningful partnerships are sustainable, mutually rewarding, and produce the best quality beans.

Single Origin coffee philosophy

ORB offers two single origin products.  Single Origin is a term that refers to beans that are sourced from a single farm or geographic region. These beans display the unique flavour and aroma characteristics of their region.


We believe that a single origin coffee is best appreciated using a plunger or filter coffee process, as the gentle drip-through method allows the full flavour of the coffee bean to develop during creation.

There is a purity to the taste and aroma of single origin coffees, that is sought after by many connoisseurs. Single origin beans appeal to the ‘coffee geek’ side of our master roasters, as they’re able to precisely set the roast profile to bring out the very best in that particular bean.


Blending and Roasting

ORB’s Master Roasters & Blenders

ORB have handpicked a small team of self-proclaimed coffee obsessives, who are constantly inspired and challenged by their craft. Our master roasters are also master blenders, cuppers, and baristas, and their job is a heady mix of science, engineering, art, and passion.



Our master blenders work with beans from three (or more) different regions to create a unique flavour profile for our ORB blends. They will often use a more robust bean, or beans, as a base to create a smooth taste, and then layer on the others to build a signature flavour. The robust base supports the delicate notes of the layered beans and sustains them through the espresso coffee making process (which can be very tough on the poor coffee bean).


With each new blend, our master roasters disappear for days trialling various levels of roasting, before finally settling on a point (somewhere between very light and very dark), which best showcases the beans’ characteristics. You can be sure that every nuance you detect in your delicious cup of coffee has been discussed and debated in detail by our roasting team!

Consistently Orb

If we’re going to make the best damn coffee in the world, it’s vital that we do it consistently. To achieve this, we’ve installed strict checks and measures at each part of the blending and roasting process.

  • Prior to shipment, green bean samples are sent to our team, to approve quality and check for optimum moisture levels (10-12%). These checks are done again on arrival in NZ.
  • After roasting, the bean moisture level and roast degree are measured to ensure consistency with our desired flavour profile.
  • Every batch is cupped by our team of master roasters to ensure the same flavour profile is delivered each and every time.
  • Each batch is roasted, blended, and foil packed on the same day to retain freshness.
  • Small batches of our ORB cafe blends are produced weekly, so you can always enjoy it at optimum freshness.
  • ORB’s in home’ coffee variants are packaged in 120 gram foil packs. As soon as a coffee pack is opened and exposed to air, the coffee flavour starts to degrade. The smaller pack size ensures that the coffee is used in a reasonable time-frame, and retains the flavour.

ORB’s Award Winning Coffee

When you’re as relentlessly driven to excellence as our team are, awards are welcome as an independent benchmark – a nod from the coffee experts we’re on the right track.

Our dedication to consistent, exceptional quality hasn’t gone unnoticed. ORB took home the Supreme Award at the New Zealand Coffee Awards 2014/15, proudly making us one of only two coffee brands that have won the Supreme Award twice. We also secured two other Golds, including one for Best Ethically Traded Coffee, propelling our awards tally to eighteen and counting…


ORB Coffee has been a proud supporter of The New Zealand Coffee Awards since they began in 2004. Designed to be a showcase of the great coffee that is being made in New Zealand the event has built over the years with 80 Coffee Roasters entering over 300 coffees in 2014.