Getting Started

We know all too well the many challenges of starting a new business. Fortunately, our fantastic sales team have vast cumulative experience within both hospitality and coffee, and are there to make sure that the coffee side of your business is seamless and stress-free.

ORB likes to create rewarding, long-standing partnerships with our retail businesses. After all, we are striving towards a common goal — damn good coffee!


  • High-quality, proven coffee products
  • A coffee, machine, and accessories package that is tailored to your business
  • Expert, on-going barista training
  • Coffee machine expertise, including installation, technical training, and a customised maintenance program
  • Professional advice regarding work-flow and ordering systems


ORB 101 Roast:

ORB 101 is our signature blend, perfectly crafted to deliver complex flavours. Specifically created for use in cafés and restaurants, the 101 offers strong, full-bodied characteristics that are best highlighted in milk-based coffees.

ORB 101 is a blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans that have been medium roasted. A base of smooth Colombian beans delivers a full-bodied mouth feel, strengthened by the chocolate, nutty Brazilian beans and delicately tempered with sweet, fruity notes from Uganda.


Sensory Profile



Latitude is a blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, and East Africa, delivering a rich, dark flavour profile, more intense than the 101. These regions deliver beans that can handle a dark roast without becoming overly bitter or sour.

Costa Rican beans bring out dark cocoa notes against a nutty Brazilian base, and berry notes from East Africa. The chocolate, nutty flavours cut through milk-based coffee and deliver a deliciously complex, but nicely balanced coffee experience.


Sensory Profile


We believe that professional training is an essential part of meeting our challenge - to deliver the best coffee in New Zealand.

In the right hands, our beans can blow your customers’ socks off (and create a sustainable, profitable business)

  • ORB conducts training programmes in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, and offers on-site training at your premises
  • Our trainers are all Service IQ Qualified and can complete formal or informal audits of your final product, as well as offer bespoke solutions to your individual needs
  • Our sales team have vast cumulative experience within both hospitality and coffee, and are there to help your business create exceptional coffee


Considering all the work that goes into crafting these flavoursome beans, we think it’s essential to use the same precision and care for the final, and perhaps, most important part of the process.

ORB has an established relationship with Nuova Simonelli, whose machines are world-renowned for consistency, strength and quality.

  • Nuova Simonelli have been making espresso machines since 1936. They offer tradition and experience, combined with pioneering technologies
  • Nuova Simonelli provides the official machines for the World Barista Championships
  • Nuova Simonelli are also leaders in grinder technology. Mythos One is the first on-demand grinder with Clima Pro, an innovative technology that regulates the grinder chamber’s temperature, ensuring consistent dose, and quality extraction

ORB also partners with Ceado, a leading Italian company that crafts exceptional coffee grinders, designed and made in Italy, and exported worldwide since 1952.


Maintenance and care of your espresso machine is an important part of consistently delivering outstanding coffee.

ORB work closely with Espresso Mechanics, a specialist company with highly trained experts who sell, install, refurbish, and repair espresso equipment. 

This service is available to you nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • An extensive national network of service technicians ensure any machine faults are responded to with absolute urgency
  • Espresso Mechanics tailor a preventative maintenance plan for your machine and stock a full range of replacement spare parts to minimise machine downtime
  • Exclusive distributors of Nuova Simonelli equipment

Orb accessories

We offer a stylish suite of accessories to support our ORB presence in your retail outlet. In some instances we can work with you to create custom-made collateral.


Ask us about it!