Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

It is widely agreed that Oromia is the historical birthplace of coffee, with coffee use dating back to the 5th century. Established in 1999, the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative union is a farmer-owned collective, whose members are the growers, processors, and suppliers of high quality, organic, fairtrade Arabica coffee for direct export.

  • The union returns 70% of its gross profits to its cooperatives (smaller collectives of individual farmers) and has played a large role in improving and establishing social services in its communities.
  • There are over 280,000 farmers and their families involved in this coop.

Our Yirgacheffe beans come from a relatively small area around the town of Irgachefe, in the Oromia region of Southern Ethiopia. This region is particularly successful because of its lush terrain and high altitude. The extreme altitude slows the development of the plant, delivering a denser, harder bean that displays a lively, bright acidity.

Yirgacheffe beans are grown on small family farms, usually less than one hectare, and wet-processed, which means the fruit covering the seeds is removed with water before drying. Wet processing results in a ‘clean-tasting’ coffee, which enhances the light, floral aromas, characteristic of the Yirgacheffe bean. These beans are generally considered to be some of the finest in Ethiopia, if not the world.


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